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Photo Comparisons 11-3-19 (pdf)


Here are a few side by sides to start with. According to Walter Semkiw, there is often a physical resemblance despite a change of race, ethnicity, gender and nationality. Our soul's unique energy signature has an effect on the DNA resulting in a consistent "look" across all of our lifetimes, particularly in the eyes. Our souls serve as a sort of blueprint for the body.  Aside from the obvious gender change, our facial architecture is very similar. On both Harry's passport and WWI draft registration card, his hair was described as chestnut or brown and eyes blue like mine. I read he had fair skin and burned easy as do I. Both nearsighted from childhood. I noticed our bodies have similar proportions, even down to our hands. The resemblance to Harry is eerily closer than the resemblance to both my parents and brother. My brother is a dead ringer for Vernon Dent and I've created a separate page about him. 

To read more about the Principles of Reincarnation go here: 

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I'll be adding pages which discuss other traits Harry and I have in common in the near future. Also, I'll eventually share the story of how I discovered this past life. 

Comparison Photos (available in downloads page)


I'm on the look out for a hat like his. I did manage to find a top hat  just like the one he wore in Zenobia.


Image on the left is a video still. While viewing the video, a photo of Harry came to mind. It's the one where he's walking between Laurel & Hardy, holding onto their arms. I paused the video the moment that photo popped into my mind's eye to compare them. Note the similar hands and smile.


This is a candid photo a friend snapped of me in October 2019.  I compared it to a still shot of Harry from the film, "Hallelujah, I'm a Bum". He was 48 here, I'm almost 42. It's quite startling, even to me, how similar we look from the side.  I rarely see myself in profile. We have nearly the same facial proportions...similar lines, shadows, highlights...same skin folds under the chin (can't afford to undo the effects of aging!)


 Also included an ink drawing comparison. I did the one on the left and wasn't even trying to consciously replicate Harry's drawing style. When he wasn't shooting films, Harry spent his free time drawing, painting, cartooning, sculpting, carving, carpentry...this is how I now make a living. Visit the page titled Our Artwork for more comparisons.

Harry's 1935 passport and WWI draft registration card