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Hi folks! I figured  if you've found your way here, that means you're at least open-minded about the concept of reincarnation.  The photo above is a behind the scenes shot from the film THE FLYING DEUCES, specifically during the filming of the final scene where Ollie is reincarnated as a horse. How's that for a synchronicity? In 1938, Stan hired Harry as a screenwriter for 4 Laurel and Hardy  features. Stan had a great deal of respect for Harry because Harry's comedy style in the 1920s influenced Stan to slow down his own. Had Harry not existed, Stan may have never hit his groove and thus the Laurel and Hardy teaming may have never been a success. When Harry was going through money trouble, Stan allowed Harry, his wife and son to live in his home at "Fort Laurel"  in Canoga Park till he found a new home in the neighborhood. The little fella on the left is Charley Rogers, a good friend and fellow screenwriter who co-starred in a couple 1940s B-movies with Harry,  DOUBLE TROUBLE and HOUSE OF ERRORS.

I've been spiritually guided and encouraged to share my story since February 2019  but I'm so busy with my current life, I just haven't had time to work on this website.  I've been aware of my past life as Harry Langdon since 1998 and told only a few people. Now after 21 years my spiritual entourage is suddenly inspiring me to go public. I really don't know why.  In July of 2006, I shared my experiences with Dr. Walter Semkiw. In a session with trance channel Kevin Ryerson, Ahtun Re (the spirit being Kevin channels who makes past life matches with high accuracy) confirmed I was Harry Langdon and my brother was Vernon Dent in our previous lives. I met Robert Snow, Josh and Danny Bacher, Dr. Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson in person in October 2006 at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, OH. 

 To read more about the Principles of Reincarnation go here: 

The following cases had the most impact on me. Jeffrey Keene and Robert Snow had a lot of spirit being involvement much like my own experience. Josh and Danny Bacher represent an affinity case where we're drawn to our past incarnations. This happened to me, except my spirit guides were also giving me all sorts of signs pointing to reincarnation, while the Bacher Boys were unaware they had actually been Laurel and Hardy. I was also feeling deja vu whenever I'd see Harry Langdon and read something about his personal life. Sometimes the deja vu  was so strong I'd experience panic attack-like symptoms or brief episodes of lightheadedness. The most significant case is Barbro Karlen's because it demonstrates how being aware of reincarnation can bring harmony to the world. If we knew we could return as those we fear or hate, it would make us a lot more empathetic, possibly end prejudice, violence and war for good. 

That's it for now. Click the You Tube link below to watch Harry Langdon's films. Johnny Flattire is my You Tube channel. Harry used this as his character's name in his vaudeville act in the 19-teens. 

10-3-2019....for the first time, I heard a song that Harry had written in 1932 called "Lulu". It was on September 28, 2019 at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum. It had a bouncy ragtime tempo I loved. Most interesting was a prophetic line in the refrain: AND I'M BACK TO EARTH AGAIN.  I'll include a video I shot at the event. It was a sing-along and hearing the audience in unison sing that line sent chills up my spine.